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School Committee approves new private school for grades 6-12 in South Hingham

By Kristen Arute
Updated June 16, 2020

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Officials urge residents to respond to potential cuts in MBTA train and ferry service to south shore towns

“The main event tonight is the next agenda item,” quipped Board of Selectmen Chair Mary Power at the start of last night’s meeting, “and that is the discussion of proposed MBTA Hingham, ferry and Greenbush rail service cuts.” Sen. Patrick O’Connor, Reps. Jamie Murphy and Joan Meschino, CEO of South Shore Chamber of Commerce Peter Forman and the town’s representative to the MBTA David Alschuler were all in…

World’s End Scheduled To Open On May 19th

The Trustees of Reservations just announced that World’s End is one of five properties that have a planned opening date of Tuesday, May 19th Here’s what you need to know: Parking lot capacity will be limited to 50% No transactions for parking will occur on-site…

Additional $4M to improve roadway, bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure on Route 3A approved by State

At the Harbor Development Committee meeting on Wednesday night, Route 3A Task Force member Deirdre Anderson announced that the Boston Region Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) approved a second round of funding for the Route 3A/Summer Street Rotary Project as part of its Transportation Improvement Plan for 2021-25. The new funding amounts to $4 million.

During their Monday night meeting, the School Committee unanimously approved the July 1st opening of a new school at 99 Derby Street, Suite 101 in South Hingham. Fusion Academy, which is a private school for grades 6-12, offers “personalized, accredited education” to middle school and high school students who struggle in traditional school settings and says that its “powerful relationships-based, one-to-one teaching changes the lives of our students and their families.”

Assistant Superintendent Dr. Jamie LaBillois, whose office oversees the administrative procedures associated with the opening of private schools in Hingham said that after a year of “ongoing dialogue and communication,” an application with a request to operate was received on February 14th. The Community Outreach Subcommittee, which is comprised of Libby Lewiecki, Nes Correnti and Michelle Ayer, was charged with reviewing the school’s application and making a recommendation to the School Committee as a whole which has oversight of approval of private schools in Hingham. The Subcommittee met on May 20th then had at a site visit on June 3rd which is required by School Committee procedures. “Following the site visit and tour,” said Dr. LaBillois, “the Subcommittee were in unanimous agreement to recommend to the full Hingham School Committee the full approval of the operation of Fusion Academy.”

Subcommittee Chair Libby Lewiecki noted that they were very impressed with the school’s application and the site in particular.  “You can see how excited the administration is to provide this opportunity for students in the area,” she said, “and how their program will provide a completely personalized educational experience for every individual that goes to this school.” Libby went on to say, “We were jealous of their per pupil price tag and wondering just what Hingham Public Schools could do with that same amount,” before noting that the Subcommittee would be recommending approval of the opening of Fusion Academy.

After the vote, Chair Michelle Ayer thanked Dr. LaBillois for keeping everyone on task “in the world of social distancing.” She then invited Mike Van Dinther, who works with Fusion Academy at the corporate office, to speak. “I just wanted to say thank you very much for welcoming us,” said Mike, “and we look forward to serving your community.”

School Committee members

Michelle Ayer, Chair: mayer@hinghamschools.org
Carlos DaSilva, Vice Chair: cdasilva@hinghamschools.org
Kerry Ni, Secretary: kni@hinghamschools.org
Ed Schreier: eschreier@hinghamschools.org
Libby Lewiecki: llewiecki@hinghamschools.org
Liza O’Reilly: loreilly@hinghamschools.org
Nes Correnti: ncorrenti@hinghamschools.org



Just a quick banner ad example

This gives an example of size & shape, as well as, what an ad might look like.